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Hydro Doors


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Opening the doors

Is your family safe?

Code out crime with digiekey

Code hopping security

Safe as houses

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Award winning Automation Bochure

Digidoor in a box brochure

Argo Brochure

Digi III brochure

Package deals brochure


Digitronic Brochure

Digitronic Wireless Keypad

Digidoor II Sales Brochure



Digi One Installation Manual

Digi IQ Installation Instruction

Digidoor III AC - DC Instructions

Modifications for use of a CFL on a Digi II

Digidoor 24 Installation Manual

Digidoor II - Installation Instruction



Digi III - Adding a transmitter to an onboard receiver

Adding a Transmitter to a stand alone receiver

Safety Beams

Dual Channel Receiver - coding instructions

Digi II - Adding a Transmitter to an onboard Receiver

Complex Receiver coding Instructions



Roll up Door installation guide

Sectional overhead - Dimensions

Single Sectional with Torsion Spring

Considering Headroom

Composite Track Assembly Instructions

Winding of Torsion springs

Tip up Installation Guide


Industrial Products

Argo Installation Instructions